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Building a new custom home or cottage?  Our whole-home design approach is exactly what you need to remove design stress from this significant undertaking. Facade design, interior design, interior decorating and landscape design .... we cover it all masterfully.   With our vast expertise, we guarantee that you will do it right and love your home for years and years to come. Protect this important investment by creating an exceptional home that is both beautiful and highly functional.  And don't forget immense curb appeal and beckoning outdoor spaces, because we certainly don't.  

Custom Home Design Services





Architectural drawings in hand, we'll sit down to understand your lifestyle and home goals. After an in-depth review of your drawings, we'll provide recommendations for your home's exterior materials and interior layout. We'll also make recommendations around adding architectural detail to both the exterior and interior of your home.  It's these all-important details that heighten curb appeal and create a home that is upscale, unique and soulful.

If you don't have architectural drawings, we can help too.  Talk to us about your vision and we'll help you get there!

What are CUSTOM HOME DESIGN  Services?

Our Custom Home Design services handle all the design requirements of building a new custom home or cottage, inside and outside. It's an exhaustive services list, and we deliver it all masterfully. Once we understand your needs, goals, desired style and budget, we'll create comprehensive design plans, drawings and documents that will give rise to an incredible home in a setting that you can't wait to come home to.  Our clients love the one-stop convenience and intimate designer-client relationship fostered by our whole-home design advantage!


  • Architectural drawings consultation (floor plan, exterior materials, exterior architectural details)
  • Cabinetry design for kitchen, bathrms, laundryrm, home office/library, mudrm, closets, built-ins
  • Millwork drawings for interior architectural detailing (ceilings, panelling, fireplace surrounds etc)
  • Material and finish selections (too many to mention!)
  • Lighting plan (RCP) and light fixture selections
  • Furniture configuration and furniture selections
  • Full interior decorating services
  • Custom home landscape design services (layout plan, material selections, custom structure concept plans, planting plan, lighting plan)
  • On-site consultation/resolution services

Our design involvement typically ranges from 12 months to 2 yrs.  We're with you every step of the way, anticipating design decisions and maintaining the momentum needed to get you to that much anticipated move-in day!  

The Custom Home Design Process starts by booking a Discovery Call.  After an in-person meeting, we'll gain the understanding we need to prepare a customized Design Proposal. If you're ready to  start an amazing, stress-free custom home journey, contact us today.



Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces within your home.  A key goal of interior design is functionality but our  highly functional spaces are also extraordinarily beautiful and memorable.

Through furniture configuration, we establish sizing for new furniture purchases and ensure that rooms effectively serve the function desired.

Next, we tackle the intensive and detailed task of preparing cabinetry drawings for your kitchen + pantry, bathrooms, laundry room, home office/library, mud room, walk-in closets, built-in shelving and other custom millwork.  We consider function above all, but never neglect style.  Our millwork drawings add upscale custom details that create high-end interiors.

The specification of  materials on both floors and walls is also part of interior design.  We make specific selections, determine the pattern lay and bring these specification to life with our elevation drawings.

Our lighting plan and light fixture selection services are thoughtful and intentional. We ensure that your home is illuminated in way that is functional and reinforces the style vision for your home.  We can't emphasize enough the impact of thoughtful, appropriate lighting selections to the overall look of your home.  

Not to be overlooked and underestimated are the multitude of other thoughtful selections we make: windows, exterior doors, garage doors, interior doors, door hardware, interior trim, fireplaces, fireplace surrounds, cabinetry style + finish, cabinetry hardware ,countertops, backsplash, plumbing fixtures and bathroom accessories.  By handling all the details, large and small, you can enjoy the process and rest assured that your home will come together beautifully and have enduring style.


Interior Decorating focuses on the adorning of a space with decorative elements to achieve a certain aesthetic. The beautiful envelope we create through the Interior Design process is taken to the next level with our Interior Decorating services.  

Our decorating services include the selection of furniture, accessories, rugs, art, paint, wallpaper and window treatments. These are the details that create memorable design moments and evoke emotion. If soulful and vintage is your vibe, we love to scour our sources for special, one-of-a-kind pieces for a unique and curated look. With our talents, interior design and interior decorating come together harmoniously, so that every space sings.  

As part of our interior decorating service, you receive a design presentation with vision boards, photos of all product recommendations and a product procurement list.  In most cases, you will pay the vendor directly for your furnishings.



Landscape Design is the art of creating exterior living spaces that integrate a variety of elements to achieve functional, beautiful spaces for outdoor living.  We are true landscape design professionals, with extensive experience in pool + spa design, deck design, outdoor kitchen design, walkway and patio design, planting design, lighting design and concept design of custom outdoor structures.

The landscape of your new home is never an after-thought with Eden Design.  In our capable hands, your home is sure to bring you enjoyment, both inside and outside. We advise planning your home's landscape as soon as your home's architectural drawings are solidified. This results in a home that blends the interior and exterior seamlessly with remarkable cohesion and fluidity.

Book an in-person consultation through our Discovery Call.   You'll be one step closer to realizing the home of your dreams!







1. A Whole-Home Designer Saves You Time + Money and Avoids Mistakes

There are so many advantages to using a whole-home designer!  Quality construction cannot improve bad design, so it's critical that design be thoughtful to avoid mistakes and regret.  We ensure that your custom home design is given due consideration, without rushing and without bias.   By anticipating the design requirements of the new home construction process, we also keep your build on schedule.   A detailed drawing package avoids confusion and costly delays during construction.  In addition, by considering the landscape from the onset, a whole-home designer maximizes construction effeciencies and ensures that exterior spaces feel like a seamless extension of your indoor living space.

2. Designers Remove Stress and Anxiety

When building a new home, the countless number of design decisions to be made can be overwhelming and debilitating. We have the knowledge to guide you through the design process and expedite decision-making.  Anxiety and stress is greatly reduced knowing that the design decisions you make are sound, thoughtful and make maximum use of your budget. 3. Whole-Home Designers Tie The Entire Project Together

A whole-home designer has a bird's eye perspective that ensures all elements of a house and its landscape come together harmoniously. The plenitude of online home decor and social media sites at a homeowner's fingertips can be both inspirational and confusing.  It takes talent and experience to bring together the vision for your home in a harmonious way.  A design team with custom home landscape design talents brings fluidity and cohesion to a project, extending the enjoyment of a home to its exterior too.  A full-service design firm that handles all aspects of design results in a more efficient design process and a strong client-designer relationship that greatly benefits the client and improves the end product.  

 4. You'll Get it Right and Love it for Years to Come

Save yourself time, money and frustration by hiring a qualified design team that can bring your vision to life in an efficient, effective and enduring way.  Always mindful of timelessness, your home is guaranteed to withstand the test of time.  Avoid future costly renovations by getting it right the first time.   A designer isn't an "extra' -- it's a necessity for a succesful result.

5. Designers Add Value

Simply put, a whole-home designer is worth the investment in that they add real value to your home.  A good designer creates spaces with efficient layouts that make the best use of space.  Designers can make small spaces can seem larger, avoid awkward layouts and enhance outdoor living.   Moreover, professionally designed spaces have good flow, cohesion and enduring style.  Beyond enjoyment value, these attributes translate into increased home value -- proof that an investment in good design will yield huge returns.  



We are extremely pleased with the service and products received from Eden Design. Franca is very knowledgeable and professional, patient (addressed my many questions), listens to your needs and preferences etc. and provides options with that in mind. Her designer eye will ensure you have a fresh and welcoming space. Well worth the investment and time. Thanks Franca, you were so pleasant to work with and you hit the mark - you are awesome!

- Christina Francis Licari.


They were wonderful to work with -- really took time to understand what we wanted from the space, our style and how we could keep within our budget. Excellent experience, would recommend them to anyone!!!

- Regine Krechowicz

To say it simply, Eden Design is amazing!! They were fabulous to work with, went above and beyond to resolve issues caused by a supplier, worked well within our budget and in the end gave us our dream kitchen. We've received a multitude of compliments on the results for which I have recommended them to others, who are contemplating renovations. I will definitely be using them again for our next project.

- McCann