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gallery wall with simple black framed black and white photos arranged on wall beside ornate gold mirror


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To get the most value from your dollar.  We design with longevity and functionality in mind so that the end-product adds value and enjoyment to your home.  A well-planned, stylish design shouldn’t cost more to build.  A small investment in professional design at the beginning of the process ensures you get a professional result that you’ll be happy with for decades.  

Why should I hire a designer?

How is Eden Design different from other designers?

With Eden Design, your project benefits from the talents of two design principals with a broad skill set. Design is changing … lines between interiors and exteriors are blurring and the most memorable properties capture this fluidity and fusion.   We have the skills to handle the design of both interiors and landscapes masterfully.  

How do I get started?

This first step is booking our free, no obligation on site consultation by using the “contact us” page, by calling 613-252-5257, or by emailing [email protected]   We’ll meet with you to understand the scope of work and ensure we’re a good fit for your project.  A clear, concise quotation for our design services, complete with design intent and deliverables, is then sent to you by email within 2 days.  

How long does the design process take?

This varies greatly with each project.  Our design approach is professional and customer-focused with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction in mind.  To ensure satisfaction, we allow time to meet with our clients to get their feedback on our design recommendations and make revisions as needed.  The full design process from sign up to completion typically takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.    

Who builds your designs?

How much does a design cost?

We price design work on a case-by-case basis and, wherever possible, separate out design options so you can pick and choose how much detail you want to receive.   This design flexibility allows us to tailor our services to meet the client’s design budget. Investment in our professional design services is typically a very small percentage of the overall cost of construction –a small investment yielding huge returns.  


Although we are independent designers, we work closely with a number of contractors.  You are free to have our design built by any contractor of your choosing or we can refer you to one of the preferred contractor(s) we feel is best-suited for your project and timeline.

Transitional Master bedroom design with a king bed, wall sconces, and mint accents