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Eden Design, June 3 2020

Spring 2020 Trends We're Loving

Spring is in the air, and we couldn’t be readier for it!   The ongoing pandemic has forced us all to the confines of our homes so I imagine there’s been a lot of sorting, purging and contemplation going on as people scrutinize their abodes.  It’s been an opportunity for us to take stock of what is and isn’t working in our homes, what we have grown tired of and where there is room for improvement.   

Symbolic of birth and renewal, we are all anxious for this season to work its magic.  In that spirit of anticipation, Eden Design has compiled a list of their favourite spring 2020 trends. 

Amped Up Textures

In cold-season months, we are drawn to cozy fabrics like velvet, chenille and corduroy.   Come spring, we’re ready for lighter, fresher materials like linen, cotton and jute.  This spring is no exception, but beyond lightness, we are seeing fabrics that are incredibly tactile.  Fabrics like those in the photos below, whose texture invites touch.

Fringe, plumes, raffia and chunky knits deliver bold texture.

Blonde Wood and Pale Palettes

There’s no denying we are having a blond moment when it comes to interiors and colour palettes are following suit.  Pastels and soft, muted neutrals are a perfect pair for lighter wood tones.  The resulting light, bright and airy interiors seem to lift the spirits and expand our spaces.

Lighter wood tones and neutral palettes

Bedroom Retreats

For many, working from home has meant the ability to spend a lot more time in our bedrooms.  (As an aside, we advise against having a workstation in this room as it can inhibit relaxation and sleep.)  We are seeing a renewed interest in the bedroom as a retreat, designed to spend extended periods of time in.  More than a room with a singular purpose, the bedroom has become both a statement room and a refuge.   It has become a symbol of tranquility, pampering and indulgence, very much in-line with the self-care trend. 

The bedroom as a place of luxury

Nature Indoors

In Northern climates like Ottawa, come April, we have endured winter for over 4 months. What starts off as a winter wonderland starts to feel like more of a winter wasteland! Excited to see signs of life outdoors, we long to bring that invigoration indoors. More than just a resurgence in the popularity of indoor plants, we’re also seeing homage to plants and flowers on wallpaper and art.

Wallpaper, murals, framed botanicals and statement plants bring nature indoors

Design paired down to its simplest form can be found all around. This often goes hand-in-hand with modern design but this simplicity is emerging in more traditional spaces too. Square metal spindles, linear mantle surrounds, graphic light fixtures, simple line art and tailored cabinetry are a few examples of this new simplicity of form.

Non-superfluous design is strong, graphic and clean

Vintage Influence

Modern style continues to be popular in architecture, art and interiors. The prevalence of modern renovations in older neighbourhoods continues, as does the popularity of modern facades in new neighbourhoods. Similarly, modern and minimalist interiors have been a huge trend of the past decade. Like all trends though, the pendulum invariably starts to swing in other direction. We are starting to crave the warmth, charm and sentimentality that bygone eras deliver and the growing popularity of antique and vintage-inspired furnishings is proof of this emerging sensibility. 

Spindle furniture, faux bamboo, caning, milk glass fixtures and vintage art harken back to days-gone-by

 Once this trying time is behind us, I have no doubt we will be longing for ways to update our interiors to reflect a new-found appreciation for our homes. Don’t assume you have to start over. Small changes can have a big impact and when in doubt, engage an interior design company like Eden Design (https://www.edendesign.co )to help guide the way. 

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