At Eden Design, you benefit from the collaboration of two talented design minds. Lydia Kiezebrink’s interior design degree equips her with the skills to prepare detailed technical drawings, as well as a critical understanding of the fundamentals of good design. Franca Gatto’s intuitive, classic design sense and diploma in horticulture round out the team’s skill set.   They are experienced designers and, together, represent a formidable design force that is expert in the creation of elevated spaces that are elegant, exceptional and enduring.

Our clients are our design partners. We listen, design and revise according to client input and feedback. Our designs are never imposed -- they evolve from client discussions and meetings. Eden Design is committed to giving each project the attention it deserves and to working faithfully towards exceeding expectations.

We push the physical boundaries of design, guided by the belief that esteemed design principles can be applied to both interior and exterior spaces.  This design fusion results in progressive projects with unparalleled continuity and a strong inter-relationship between indoor and outdoor.  In terms of style, we are not uni-directional, but rather, we understand the hallmarks of prominent design genres and are skilled at tailoring design details for a harmonious and stylish result.


Design as an inter-active process


The collaboration of two talented design minds


Good design transcends its medium