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Nursery design on a mood board showing fixtures and finishes and furniture

A budget-friendly service for those that want design help for a specific room and are willing to take the time to provide us with the details we need to deliver a custom solution.  Rooms starting at $595 + HST.



Ideally, we start with a phone discussion so you can describe your needs and the space.  I’ll then be able to give you a firm price for our services and I’ll let you know the timeline for starting and completing your design.  Once engaged, we’ll let you know what specifics we need from you.  They may include the following:·        

  • Photos of the room as well as photos of any connected rooms·        
  • A hand sketch with wall measurements, including size and location of windows and doors·      
  • Dimensions and photos of any furniture pieces that are to be used in the solution·        
  • Any inspiration photos that embody the style you are looking to achieve·        
  • The budget for your space



The form that our solution takes will depend on your needs. It may include the following:        

  • A room layout and lighting plan to scale·        
  • A vision board with style inspiration for the pieces recommended·        
  • A vision board and shopping list with specific recommendations for furnishings and décor
  • A Q&A session with us to answer any questions you have about the solution delivered

Eden E-Design

AutoCAD Plan of a nursery configuration showing an example of Eden Design's E-Design services